Friday, August 6, 2010

Decisions to Make Before Proposing

Los Angeles jewelry

When it comes to engagement rings Los Angeles males are often completely in the dark. On one hand, they want to make sure that their perspective fiancée has the perfect ring. On the other, however, they want to ensure that the ring is beautiful and suits the tastes of the woman. For this reason, many men are taking a less traditional route to engagement rings. They can propose to the girlfriend normally, but instead of presenting her with a pre-selected ring, they can go shopping to choose a ring that the woman likes. One can always ask family and friends to help choose a ring, but choosing a ring together is often very romantic.

However, many women are more traditional and want the ring to be selected for them. In this case, many Los Angeles jewelry stores have a large selection. Men can actually find out a lot about what kind of jewelry their girlfriend prefers by simply observing her style. What kind of clothes and jewelry does she usually wear? If she wears very simple jewelry, she will most likely appreciate a somewhat simple ring. On the other hand, if her jewelry is very vibrant, she might want a flashier ring. If you are still stumped about what kind of jewelry fits a woman best, you can ask her friends or her mother to help out.

Shopping for a ring together can be a very romantic way to solidify an engagement ring. When shopping for rings Los Angeles residents can have a custom ring made to the specifications they want. With today’s technology, it is very simple to order a custom engagement ring. First, one must choose the shape of the stone. Many people get a round cut or princess shape. However, some other choices are emerald, asscher, marquise, oval, radiant, pear, heart and cushion. Each is unique and can make a beautiful engagement ring. After you choose the stone, you must choose a setting. Many people choose white gold or platinum for the band, but some go for yellow gold. Finally, one must choose the setting type. A solitaire setting holds one stone, while side settings can also be added for more diamonds.

There are many different ways for a man to propose to the woman he loves. In fact, many present Los Angeles rings to their potential fiancées in unique and inventive ways. One example that is frequently used is a man will take his girlfriend out to dinner and ask the server to place the ring in a glass of champagne or inside a dessert. However, one must make sure that the lady does not choke on the ring! It is not imperative to do something extremely creative when proposing. A simple dinner with a heartfelt proposal can create a heartfelt message to make the woman feel truly special!

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